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  • What is videography?
    Videography is the art of capturing and creating video content. It involves the use of cameras, lighting, sound, and other equipment to record footage and produce a finished video product.
  • What types of videography services are available?
    There are a variety of videography services available, including event videography (weddings, corporate events, etc.), promotional videos, music videos, commercial videography, and more. Many videographers offer customized packages to meet the specific needs of their clients. Click here to get a quote.
  • How do I choose a videographer?
    When choosing a videographer, it is important to consider their experience, portfolio, and style. Look for a videographer who has experience in the type of video you want to create and whose work reflects your vision and aesthetic.
  • How much does videography cost?
    The cost of videography services can vary greatly depending on the scope of the project, the equipment needed, and the level of experience of the videographer. Many videographers offer customizable packages to meet the needs and budgets of their clients. Click here to get a quote from us.
  • How long does it take to receive the finished video?
    The time it takes to receive the finished video can vary depending on the videographer and the scope of the project. Some videographers may offer a quick turnaround time, while others may take several weeks or even months to complete a project.
  • What should I expect during the videography process?
    During the videography process, you can expect to work closely with the videographer to plan and execute the project. This may involve pre-production meetings to discuss ideas and logistics, on-site filming, and post-production editing and revisions.
  • What equipment do videographers use?
    Videographers use a variety of equipment, including cameras, lenses, lighting, microphones, and editing software. The specific equipment used can vary depending on the project and the videographer's preferences.
  • What should I do to prepare for my video shoot?
    o prepare for your video shoot, it is important to communicate clearly with your videographer about your vision for the project. You should also prepare any necessary scripts, props, or wardrobe items in advance and ensure that the filming location is ready and free of distractions.
  • What Are Some Video Resolutions /Aspect Ratios?
    4k Frame Aspect Ratio / Resolution (Square Pixels 1.0) 1.33:1 (4:3) / 4096x3072 1.66:1 (5:3) / 4096x2458 1.77:1 (16:9) / 4096x2304 1.85:1 / 4096x2214 1.9:1 (Native 4k Red) / 4096x2160 2:1 / 4096x2048 2.35:1 / 4096x1642 2.37:1 (RED Wide) / 4096x1728 2.39:1 (referred to as 2.40) / 4096x1706 2.44 / 4096x1678 4kHD (QuadHD) Frame Aspect Ratio / Resolution (Square Pixels 1.0) 1.33:1 (4:3) / 3840x2880 1.66:1 (5:3) / 3840x2304 1.77:1 (16:9) / 3840x2160 1.85:1 / 3840x2076 2:1 / 3840x1920 2.35:1 / 3840x1634 2.37:1 (RED Wide) / 3840x1620 2.39:1 (referred to as 2.40) / 3840x1607 2.44 / 3840x1574 2k Frame Aspect Ratio / Resolution (Square Pixels 1.0) 1.33:1 (4:3) / 2048x1536 1.66:1 (5:3) / 2048x1229 1.77:1 (16:9) / 2048x1152 1.85:1 / 2048x1107 2:1 / 2048x1024 2.35:1 / 2048x871 2.37:1 (RED Wide) / 2048x864 2.39:1 (referred to as 2.40) / 2048x858 2.44 / 2048x839 1080p Frame Aspect Ratio / Resolution (Square Pixels 1.0) 1.66:1 (5:3) / 1920x1152 1.77:1 (16:9) / 1920x1080 1.85:1 / 1920x1038 2:1 / 1920x960 2.35:1 / 1920x817 2.37:1 (RED Wide) / 1920x810 2.39:1 (referred to as 2.40) / 1920x803 2.40:1 (Blu-Ray) / 1920x800 2.44 / 1920x787 1.33:1 (4:3) / 1920x1440 720p Frame Aspect Ratio / Resolution (Square Pixels 1.0) 1.33:1 (4:3) / 1280x962 1.66:1 (5:3) / 1280x768 1.77:1 (16:9) / 1280x720 1.85:1 / 1280x692 2:1 / 1280x640 2.35:1 / 1280x545 2.37:1 (RED Wide) / 1280x540 2.39:1 (referred to as 2.40) / 1280x536 2.44 / 1280x525
  • What is post-production?
    Post-production is the process of editing and refining the footage captured during the videography process to create the final product.
  • What types of post-production services are available?
    There are many types of post-production services available, including video editing, color correction, sound design, visual effects, and more.
  • How can I ensure that my video is edited to my liking?
    You can ensure that your video is edited to your liking by communicating your vision and preferences to the editor, providing feedback throughout the editing process, and being open to collaboration and creative input.
  • Can I request revisions to my video after it's been edited?
    YES. You can request revisions to your video after it's been edited, but it's important to communicate your feedback clearly and be mindful of the editor's time and effort.
  • How long does post-production take?
    The time it takes for post-production depends on the complexity of the project and the amount of editing needed. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.
  • Why is wedding videography important?
    Wedding videography captures the special moments and emotions of your wedding day in a way that photos cannot. It allows you to relive the memories and share them with others for years to come.
  • What styles of wedding videography are available?
    There are many styles of wedding videography available, including documentary-style, cinematic, storytelling, and more. You should choose a style that matches your personal preferences and fits the overall theme of your wedding.
  • How many hours of coverage should I expect on my wedding day?
    The number of hours of coverage depends on your specific wedding timeline and events. Generally, videographers offer packages ranging from a few hours to full-day coverage.
  • Should I provide a shot list or specific requests to my wedding videographer?
    You can provide a shot list or specific requests to your videographer, but it's important to trust their professional expertise and give them creative freedom to capture the best moments.
  • How long will my wedding video be?
    The length of your wedding video depends on the length of the events captured and the editing style. Generally, videos range from 5 to 30 minutes

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